This site offers free  programs that are about serious physics of up to  A and  A S level  or College standard.  (There are no adverts or links !)

                                 They are experiments you can do with your mouse. You can control variables, gather readings and find     connections.

                                 Click on the thumbnails for the download and for more details of each program. (If Internet Explorer won't let you download, Firefox will.)
                                  'All programs in one'  does what it says on the tin !


Magnetic Fields




CR discharge

Radioactive decay

Two-slit interference

Uniform Efield

Internal resistance


Digital Sound

Newton 2

All programs in one

Work and efficiency

Travelling waves

Gas Laws

Gravitational fields

Audio frequencies

EM induction

Field of a point charge

Photoelectric effect

Free & forced oscillations

Charges in fields

Wave properties


Projectile motion

Speed and acceleration

Standing waves


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